Brief Resume


The 1997 USA International Oceanic Society Inc "First International Award" for his photographic documentation of traditional ceremonies in New Ireland, Papua New Guinea, for "Preservation of Culture and Lifestyle of People of the Tabar Islands" . Recorded in the film "Malagan, A Song for Living".

The International World Wildlife Magazine's "Photographer of the Year"  Award in 1978 (personally presented by Sir Peter Scott).

Numerous Australian Awards.


Honorary Photographer at both the Royal Melbourne Zoo, and Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary, Melbourne, Victoria.

Honorary Photographer, RSPCA, Melbourne, Victoria.

Honorary Curator and Art Adviser, Burrinja Gallery, Upwey, Victoria.


Extensive Field Notes over 30 years visiting indigenous communities in Australia and PNG, recording beliefs, customs, cultural practices, art and artefacts. Extensive photographs, tapes, videotapes, films and DVDs recording individual lives and community cultural practices, lost since elders have passed away but preserved for posterity through his work.

Film "Written in the Landscape", Western Arnhem Land, in preparation.

Valuable collections of art and artefacts such as the Lasisi Canoe, New Ireland (part of the project which won the International Oceanic Society Award, 1997) now housed in the Museum of South Australia.

The Spirit House (Haus Tambaran) Sepik River, PNG, donated to the Museum of South Australia, after he was asked to buy it for preservation by the local PNG community and the PNG Museum.

Extensive Art and  Artefacts of Aboriginal Australia and PNG, collection donated to the Museum of Lilydale, Shire of Yarra Ranges, housed at Burrinja Gallery, Upwey, Victoria.

Founder of Burrinja Gallery, named in memory of his close friend Lin Onus.


Author,  part-author, illustrator and publisher of over fifty books, ranging from anthropological art studies and records, through documentation of flora and fauna (much of it breaking new ground), to
books on horses in Australia and New Zealand, and children's books with Australian cultural content.


Over twenty Educational Kits ranging from Environmental Caring, Australian Aborigines, Australia's Wildlife, Australian Wilderness Areas, Art, Craft and the Making of Artefacts.


Throughout his life he has promoted the preservation and understanding of indigenous art and culture. By constant travelling and visiting, taking materials (paints, brushes, ochres, canvas) to remote communities he has facilitated the development and promoted the careers of many indigenous artists.

He has organised countless exhibitions of his own and other artists work : more than 20 Solo Exhibitions of his own, over 15 Group Exhibitions of his own and other artists work, and over 50 Exhibitions by Aboriginal and Islander artists. He has commissioned and collected tirelessly from numerous artists, and has mentored a number at the beginning of their careers.