In early years Neil McLeod participated in exhibitions of the Victorian Art Society, displaying his wildlife sculptures. These sculptures were also displayed in group shows at Melbourne Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.

By 1983 he had established his own Gallery, Collections of the Dreaming, in Tecoma, and a number of group shows were presented there. NOTE Collections of the Dreaming Gallery was situated at Tecoma, in Victoria. "Collections of the Dreaming" was also the name of an Exhibition of Aboriginal Art that moved from one location to another, including being shown at Collections of the Dreaming Gallery, Tecoma., (VIC)

A major group project was undertaken in 1988-89, when Neil McLeod became very interested in designing textiles. He visited Melbourne Textile College, and various textile businesses, on a number of occasions, researching possibilities. He was interested in what could be done with leather, and researched what sort of paint could be used to paint on it.

Eventually he designed leather garments which a number of Aboriginal artists were happy to paint, resulting in a major Exhibition in September 1989 : "Hand-Painted Luxury Leather Garments with Artwork Created Over Thousands of Years", advertised as the Fashion Event of the Year.

The project was initiated by Neil McLeod, garments styled by Neil McLeod, garments approved, and painted with traditional designs by Bobby Nganjmirra, Thompson Yulidjiri, Lin Onus, Djawida, Robin Nganjmirra, Wesley Nganjmirra and Jonathon Kumintjara Brown.

The Fashion Show was accompanied by a group exhibition of Aboriginal art, curated by Neil McLeod, with the principal exhibitor, Jonathon Kumintjara Brown, and held first in Jaques Reymonds Restaurant, Lennox St., Richmond (VIC) and then at the Dreamtime Gallery, Southport, (QLD). Aboriginal art for the Queensland exhibition was from Tasmania, Central Australia, Arnhem Land and the Kimberley, again curated by Neil McLeod.

By 2000 Neil McLeod had ventured into painting, and had two paintings accepted for a group exhibition at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne. A joint exhibition with Heather Anjolu Umbagai took place at Yarra Glen (VIC) in 2004. Neil Mcleod subsequently initiated a number of joint exhibitions with a variety of artists and artworks, including textiles: